THE Matches Puzzle Game You Will Love.

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1000 levels to feed your brain for a long time, small size, nice colors.

The Screenshots

The Team

The Guy Who Makes Coffee


Bojan was a webdesigner, who liked playing games and then created this. In present he is a professional Family Guy and professional programmer who programms programs.

Best Programmer Ever


Prim was and is a programmer. The true old school style type of programmer - does things right type of programmer. He loves playing pool by the pool or inside (by the pool or not).



Niki is also a designer. She orders things and makes sure they are done. She's da boss. Loves coffee and gardening. Type of boss you want to be around with.

Not so Junior Programmer


Bobi was a Junior programmer. He is clearly Junior no more - every day he is growing on becoming youngest Senior in the company. Smart kiddo with exceptional memory.

The Programmeresess


Piki does things her own way. Goal oriented, sees what is to be done and just does it. Moving forward is her thing. Talented, hardworking gem!

Best Designer Ever


Nini is best described as persistant cuteness. High energy designer, always has a smile on her face and makes our day. She is clearly designing more than just the game.